Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Red Dirt Report - Audra And The Whippoorwills Perform Debut Show Thursday

 The Red Dirt Report came by my house to do an interview with Audra about the band. They published this article the day before our debut show.

Audra and the Whippoorwills perform debut show Thursday

Sarah Hussain / Red Dirt Report
Isaiah Harrell, Audra Elizabeth and Christophe Murdock practice performing "Ophelia Green" Monday night.
NORMAN, Okla. – Audra and The Whippoorwills have only been together for three months and they are already quickly making a name for themselves around Norman.
Audra Elizabeth began singing and performing on her own, but decided late August that she wanted to add a few more instruments to her sound.
Christophe Murdock was hosting an open mic at The Deli, where he and Audra met and shortly after they decided to try merging their talents.
Murdock brought on board drummer Isaiah Harrell, the two are in another band together.
With Audra’s vocals and acoustic guitar backed up by Murdock’s twelve-string guitar and Harrell’s percussion, the trio gives the Americana, folk, old-school country feel to soothe the soul.
Red Dirt Report was invited to their weekly Monday practice and jam session in Murdock’s home where they performed one of Audra’s favorites, "Ophelia Green."
Audra said the song is about a girl “wandering and taking the world on. Not staying in one place. Not being afraid to just go out and explore.”
Their first show is from 9 p.m.-midnight Thursday at Red Brick Bar off Main Street in Norman where they will be playing "Ophelia Green," along with many more that Audra has written.
Audra and Murdock praised Red Brick Bar saying it is a very nice and relaxed setting.
“They really go out of their way to make you feel welcome,” Murdock said. “They make us feel like family. I wouldn’t want to do my debut show anywhere else.”
Audra seemed humbled to have this entire experience.
“It feels weird to me to get to do something I love so much, to be thrown into this new environment,” she said.
Admission is free into the bar, which is 21 and up. There will be an opening act by Gentry, then Audra and The Whippoorwills will take the floor.
Make sure to check them out on their website and Facebook page. Also, mark your calendars for more upcoming shows both in Norman, December 12 at McNellies and December 19 at Othello’s.
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