Friday, January 28, 2011

Rare CD Available for limited time only!!!

Rare CD available for limited time only!!!

So here's the deal. Basically, I was helping a friend out driving them to a doctor appt. in Portland and got a ticket. The base cost of the ticket is just shy of $200!!!  I don't have work here and no way to get the money til after I hit the road again, which is too late. So I'm selling a limited CD which will ONLY be available to those who purchase it between now and Tues. Feb. 15th. I will only make and number the amount sold.

So for $10, I will send you 2 CD's. A copy of "Crossroads" and the limited "Unpaid Fines". Just send me a message to with "LIMITED CD" in the subject header to get the info. on where to send the money. Checks, Money Orders, PayPal or well concealed cash (cash at your own risk).

The tracks on the CD are going to be as follows:

Two songs added to the track listing! Nomadic Bedlam's "This Intro Won't Stop" & "Timmy Has A Gun (Acoustic Demo)"

1. Nomadic Bedlam - This Intro Won't Stop
Gutter-punk Rap! That's all you need to know...
2. Christophe - Dark Side (Acoustic Demo)
The original version of the classic song that was re-mixed on SmacOne's "Bootleg This"
3. Mockingbird Lane - The Last Man On Earth (Cassette 4-Track Demo)
Early electric version of the song heard on "Ten Necromantic Classics"
4. Christophe - Pieces Of You (Potbelly Cover)
Cover song written by friends from Washington. This version includes Matt Jim & Ryan Engleman
5. Mockingbird Lane - Too Late (Cassette 4-Track Demo)
This is the version heard on "Radio Free Satan's 666-6 6th  Birthday CD Spectacular"
6. Mockingbird Lane - Broken Promises & Broken Hearts (Acoustic Demo) 
Original demo of the Christophe classic
7. The SouthSide KrazyKids - Lonely People
Amazing hip-hop song sampling The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby"
8. Mockingbird Lane - Israel (Cassette 4-Track Demo) 
Intense rare demo 
 9. Nomadic Bedlam - Timmy Has A Gun (Acoustic Demo)
Rockin' acoustic punk!
10. Fallen Angles - Taken Under
Cool band that covered Mockingbird Lane's "Taken Under"
11. Christophe & (4) of God In A Machine - Cinema Head Cheese Theme
Theme song we wrote for a web series
12. Xtoph - What Timmy Said...
Early electronica from Christophe to melt your brain with

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coming Soon - H-P Presents: They Came From The Grave

Coming soon from They Came from the Grave Vol.1 Featuring videos and trailers from the members of with videos from: Mongrel-Others-Dragnun-Under a Nightmare-The Murdersquad t.o.-Dead United-Chef Brandon Perry-Spawn Atomic-Dr. Spookenstein-ZOMBIE!-The Spectremen-Ghost of Penely Chase-Werevilsdare-The Cloister Fuck-Fear Incorporated-Christophe-Pussing Eye Productions-Derek Young (Family Property)-The Quintessentials-Creep Creepersin (Creepersin, Creepersin Films)-The Monistats-Nightmare Alley-Six Gun Salvation-Lurking Corpses-Lugosi's Morphine-Batsupsidedown-Von Bones. Background Music "Bride of Frankenrock" by Batsupsidedown