Saturday, December 11, 2004

Review from Gorehound #3

Mockingbird Lane
2003 Demo

OK, we have a five song demo here that is pretty damned cool. My favorite track is probably Wolfshead but they are all good. I could have done without the acoustic version of Taken Under, but that's just a matter of taste, I'm just not a fan of acoustic songs, if you are then you'll probably like it. The singer has a good voice and the songs while not studio quality are very listenable (I actually prefer to listen to stuff of this level of recording quality, makes it sound more raw). I understand that these guys are working on thier first release and I'll look forward to hearing it. I think most horror fans would probably get really into this, so I would try to get yourself a copy of this demo or ML's upcoming release. Really like the name too, it's obvious these guys have their heart in the right place (a jar in thier laboratory).

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Review from Finding Datura #3

Mockingbird Lane - 2003 Demo

Horror punk is quickly becoming my newest guilty pleasure. But there is nothing to feel bad about in digging Mockingbird Lane. Unlike other horror punk bands, MBL is much less aggressive and considerably more melodic. While purist may not like their lack of violent trashing, it would be a crime to waste Christophe’s fantastic voice on undecipherable screams. There is an undeniable goth-rock influence on MBL and I think this only makes them more interesting and unique. It also makes their songwriting much more accessible to those of us who don’t really care for the Misfits. Oh, but if you like Glen and the boys, MBL dish up a pretty sweet cover of “She.” But the real treat on this demo is the acoustic version of “Taken Under.” The distorted guitars and drums are replaced by acoustic guitar and the most perfectly subdued keyboards EVER. While I want MBL to keep rocking, I would kill to hear an all acoustic album from Christophe and company. (RM)