Thursday, January 31, 2013

General Update - 2013

 My apologies for not updating the site with any news since June... June?!?! There has had to be some news since then, right? Well, my laptop busted and a couple of the bands drifted apart. There was some time spent re-organizing our lives trying to decide where we are going. I'll give you some basic stuff in the following rambles to fill you in.

 My solo stuff is still going on, although I've been taking it slower. I've rejoined SWAN in what little spare time I've had, so you can catch me there as well as the occasional small show. My next solo show will be this Friday with my friend Sterling Witt at The Pink Elephant in Norman (8pm, no cover). If you haven't seen Sterling before you want to head out. He is amazing.

 The Prairie Fire's last gig was in Sept. We played the State Fair and L.M.O.T.C. Well, we are still going through an adjustment period. Not sure what the final line-up will be, but we are still a functioning band. Come see us on the 10th of February when we open up for The Koffin Kats at the Blue Door in OKC (8pm, no cover).

 On the metal front I guess it's been over a year since Social Parasite has done anything. Well, Joe D. and I are supposed to start practicing again this month, so expect something new soon. Not sure if we will do more S.P. or try to take it somewhere else... but something heavy will happen.

 The hip-hop is still happening as well. SmacOne and the S.S.K.K. crew never stop. I've recorded some more tracks with them, and am expecting them to be released soon. Frost released a new mix-tape last month with "Lonely People" on it. Plus Smac's been hosting some battles in OKC.

 Fans of my old Mockingbird Lane stuff need to contact me if interested in joining a new group. Currently holding try-outs for the band. Looking for a lead guitarist and a drummer. Somebody fresh.

 As for film, I've not really done anything during the break but I will be a part of the new Star Trek fan series Starship Ajax. I will be a member of the Gorn. So keep an eye on that!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Starship Ajax Featured On The Local News

 Starship Ajax the new Star Trek fan-film Christophe is involved in was featured on the local Oklahoma News 4 today.