Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Think Of The Demon-A Horrorpunk Tribute To Roky Erickson Finally Due To Be Released

From Josh Haney:
“It has been over four years since I first started the Roky Erickson
tribute album. Those that know me well know this holds a very special
place in my heart (I Love You Roky). After some trying personal times
over the past few years I am proud to announce that the project will
finally come to fruition shortly. I will be releasing it as a free
download, complete with liner notes written by yours truly, Josh Haney.
In the mean time PLEASE go to and donate to the Roky Erickson Trust!!!! Or go see him on his current tour!!!!”

Special Album Cover Art By Tom Bagley

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reviews from September 2010 Punk Globe

By: Libby Freeman

Christophe's 2009 release "Crossroads" is something you should definitely run out and grab if you like Warren Zevon and/or Michael Hurley. Though, I should warn you not to be expecting the more obvious eccentricities of Zevon or Hurley. Also, to be sure you run out and grab the right 4 song ep, this is Christophe, formerly of Mockingbird Lane, not Christophe the French singer song writer born to Italian parents, and certainly not the Christophe who lead the Haitian revolution. The ep begins w/ "Red Dirt," a confessional sounding ballad w/ a narrator that "walks a fine line between heaven and hell." "You're Gonna Drive Me to Drinkin'" is a folk country song that describes a love affair that has soured and ends w/ the narrator announcing his exit. My personal favorite track, "Misery Road" reminds me of Nick Cave's "Murder Ballads." Yes, it reminds me of the whole album, and no, it is not a murder ballad. It's a mix of vocals and sentiment w/ the narrator lamenting, "take my advice and stay away from misery road." The final track, "The Life of an Outlaw" is the testimony of a road weary traveler who has "been called a bruiser..." How often do you hear anyone use the word "bruiser" in song? Not very, which is another good reason to check this ep out!

By: Libby Freeman

One more from Christophe, and one more well worth listening to. This time a 45, "Fear the Dead" B/W "If the Sun Don't Shine." The 2nd guitar on "Fear the dead" is decidedly hard rock, but w/ the same sort of outsider folk sound I mentioned in the "Crossroads" review. If you saw the sleeve randomly and knew nothing of Christophe, you might get the impression that this was a rockabilly band. Nope, not at all. The lyrical depiction of a zombie invasion peaked my curiosity enough to check YouTube for a video and happily there was one (directed by Nick Sanford) complete w/ stumbling zombies and Christophe singing from the back of a pick up truck. Very nice. "If the Sun Don't Shine" is a sweet song written to cheer a maudlin girl w/ promises of "always being here for you when your blue," and keeping w/ the spirit of a love that will defy the cosmos and natural world if need be.