Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Review from Live 4 Metal

From the "American Metal Column" By Scott Alisoglu, from the Live 4 Metal website at: http://www.live4metal.com

Mockingbird Lane - 2003 Demo
 Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Leonard Cohen sang for the Misfits?  It would sound something like Mockingbird Lane's 5-song demo.  Ok, I'm stretching things, but the comparison is not that far off.  The Oklahoma band performs a more goth-like version of the Misfits and the results aren't half-bad.  "Taken Under," which is also included as an acoustic mix, has a decent hook.  The band even does a cover of the Misfits' "She" that stays true to the original without Glenn Danzig's Elvis impression.  "I…Vampire" and "Wolfshead" stay in the same horror punk territory, albeit with the band's more gothic flavor and a thin sound mix.  It's worth checking out mainly because I'm not hearing anything else like it out there right now.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Review from Oklahoma Punk Scene Dot Com Issues #5

From "Thrash 'Til Death" By Tim Wolfenbarger, from Oklahoma Punk Scene Dot Com Issue 5 at: http://www.oklahomapunkscene.com


 Well, the cats from this band told me that they'd have me beaten up by 14 year old girls if I didn't give this a good review so surely I'm tempted to pan this but... First two tracks are an electric and acoustic version of the song "Taken Under." Both sound totally like LOU REED + surprisingly the acoustic version is superior due to both treatment and recording. Then we got a cover of the MISFITS "She" as well as two MISFITS-esque originals "I...Vampire" and "Wolfshead" So, I'd say that this is like the MISFITS with LOU REED singing which ain't bad even if it is a bit trite. My main complaint is the guitar tone which sounds like a crappy peavey. Yet, I get a feeling of authenticity + these guys seem to have a lot of heart so I'd like to catch 'em live.

MOCKINGBIRD LANE POBOX 3084, Shawnee, OK 74802

Review from Okahoma Punk Scene Dot Com Issue #5

From the "Reviews" section of Oklahoma Punk Scene Dot Com Issue 5 at: http://www.oklahomapunkscene.com

Mockingbird Lane – 2003 Demo

 Mockingbird Lane is an Oklahoma based goth punk / horror rock band and this is a five song demo CD.  Unfortunately I am at work and do not have the CD in front of me, otherwise I would be a bit more specific about the songs.  There is a cover of the Misfits' "She" and of the originals the song that I liked the best is "I … Vampire."  The best way I can describe Mockingbird Lane's sound is to imagine if Peter Murphy had become the lead singer for the Misfits when the band reunited in 1997.  This is a good demo from a band that has a lot of potential.  (Dave Brown)