Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Mention in the OKIE Magazine Blog

 OKIE Magazine out of Lawton Oklahoma posted an article on their blog about the Sterling Witt show we did up there. Check it out!

Full article:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Merry Christmas from Christophe and The Ramones!

 Christophe covers The Ramones "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)". This month only you can download and stream this track from bandcamp. This was recorded December of 2010 in Sweet Home, OR. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


 STOLEN: '88 Gibson Les Paul Standard-tobacco sunburst-w. SD Full shred pickups, Metal Hell silver sticker on right, & KISS puffy sticker on pickguard. If anyone see's or hears about this guitar being sold/played/etc.. please contact Joe at, or call 405-872-3675. Thanks &, from someone who just had a beautiful Les Paul stolen; from one player to all others; please keep an eye out for your fellow musicians & their beloved instruments.. there's nothing lower than a thief, & I don't believe any musician should ever have to go through what I am right now. Sincerely- Joe D.

 ***JUST ADDED*** serial # 83028510

Saturday, October 29, 2011



Click on the Download button and Download for Free from MegaUpload!

Click here to learn how to extract the zip file after downloading.




  1. INTRO - Horror Has A Face
  2. JERRY VAYNE - Death's Throne
  3. DEAD FEDERATION - Blood Lust
  4. BONSAI KITTEN - Don't Mess With Me
  6. CAPTAIN BLOOD - Haunted House
  7. CYCLOTRODE X - Dead End
  8. BRADLEY TATUM - Bye Bye Baby
  9. BLAK - Staring At The Sky
  10. THE ATOM AGE VAMPYRES - On Halloween
  11. CREEPERSIN - Fingerbang
  12. DEAD RITES - Eternal Keeper Of The Redeemer
  13. SPECTREMEN - Kiss Of Death
  14. HELLFIRE SOX - Homemade Girl
  15. MARQUIS DeBLOOD - Clip Her Wings
  16. DAMN LASER VAMPIRES - Dancing Disease
  17. CHRISTOPHE - Hellbound
  18. JAMEY ROTTENCORPSE - Radioactive Zombies
  19. ZOMBIE! - Hack Slash
  20. CHILDREN OF OCTOBER - Apartment 213
  21. THE MURDER SQUAD T.O. - Disengage The Dead
  22. DEAD CITY SAINTS - My Friends Call Me Vagina
  23. THE BELDINGS - Curse Of The Vampire
  24. KILL THE DEAD - Juggernaut
  25. DIEMONSTERDIE - From Screaming Graves We Rise
  26. THE FUNERAL DAZIES - When They Run
  27. DR. MONSTER - Broken Hearts Open Grave
  28. BLOODSUCKINGFREAKS - I Dismember Momma
  29. DR. SPOOKENSTEIN - Hang'em High
  30. HORROR STORY - All Tied Up
  31. GHOSTS RUN WILD - Beyond Evil
  32. DEAD RISING - The Mist
  34. GHOST OF PENLEY CHASE - Under This Pale Moon
  35. DR. ZOMBIE - Creepy Crawl
  36. HORROR DELUXE - Babydoll
  37. BLACK CRACK ASH - Necrophilia
  38. KITTY IN A CASKET - Run Run
  40. ZOMBIES UNLIMITED - Madhouse
  41. HORRORWOOD ENDING - Hell's To Good For Her
  42. MONGREL - Savior
  43. OTHERS - The Ricin Ball
  44. THE REINFIELDS - Halloween Night
  45. SAM SCUMACI - That One Friend We Know As Death
  46. WOLFBOY SLIM - VooDoo Doctor
  47. OVERDUE EXORCISM - Bay I'm Not Dead
  49. ROBBY BLOODSHED - Would You Miss Me
  50. WE ARE THE CONSPIRACY - Babie's A Zombie
  51. THE QUINTSESSENTIALS - The Horror Never Ends
  52. THESE CHARMING MEN - Flash Blood
  53. U.S. STATION 4 - Death Makes A Holiday
  54. SIX GUN SALVATION - The Howling Man
  55. THEY LIVE - Time To Go

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Videos From Acoustic Oklahoma

 I dropped back by InnerState Studio the other day (10-23-11) for some Acoustic Oklahoma fun. I brought in my band The Prairie Fire to shoot some new videos, ended up being a party. Jammed with JV's Fillin Station and The Local Martyrs. Here's the pics and video's that Casey posted.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Music of Vol II Cover art & Track Listing Revealed!‏

The moment you've all been waiting for!!
We are proud to reveal the cover art and track listing for the forth coming H-P Release;
"The Music Of Vol II"

art by Shane Hahn

The Track Listing is as follows:
1 Dead Federation - Blood Lust
2 Jerry Vayne - Death's Throes
3 Bonsai Kitten - Don’t Mess With Me
4 The Casket Creatures - Agnes (unreleased)
5 Captain Blood - Haunted House
6 Cyclotrode X - Dead Eyes
7 Bradley Tatum - Bye Bye Baby
8 Gypsy BLak - Staring at the sky
9 The Atom Age Vampyres - On Halloween
10 Creepersin - Finger Bang
11 Dead Rites - Eternal Keeper Of the Redeemer
12 Spectremen - Kiss of Death
13 Hellfire Sox - Homemade Girl
14 Marquis DeBlood - Farewell My Friend
15 Damn Laser Vampires - Dancing Disease
16 Christophe - Hellbound
17 Jamey Rottencorpse - Radioactive Zombies
18 ZOMBIE! - Hack Slash
20 Dead City Saints - My Friends Call Me Vagina
21 The Beldings - CURSE OF THE VAMPIRE
22 Kill The Dead - Juggernaut
24 The Funeral Dazies - When They Run
25 Dr. Monster - Broken Hearts Open Graves
26 Bloodsucking freaks - I Dismember Momma
27 Dr. Spookenstein - Hang 'em High (Unreleased)
28 Horror Story - All Tied Up
29 Ghosts Run Wild - Evilthing 777
30 Dead Rising - The Mist
31 Forest Of Forgotten Faith - Ghost Ravens
32 Ghosts of Penley Chase - Under This Pale Moon
33 Dr. Zombie - Creepy Crawl
34 Black Crack Ash - Necrophilia
35 Kitty in a Casket - Run Run
36 Midnight Review Presents - Love Bites
37 Zombies Unlimited - Madhouse
38 Horrorwood Ending - Hells to Good For Here
39 Mongrel- Stillborn Savior
40 Others - The Ricin Ball
41 The Renfields - Halloween Night
42 Wolfboy slim- Voodoo Doctor
43 Sam Scumaci - That One Friend We Know As Death
45 Overdue Exorcism - Baby I’m Not Dead
46 Robby Bloodshed - Would You Miss Me
47 We Are The Conspiracy - Babie's A Zombie
48 The Quintessentials - The Horror Never Ends
49 These Charming Men - Flash Blood
50 U.S. Station 4 - Death Makes a Holiday
51 Six Gun Salvation - THE HOWLING MAN
52 They Live - Time To Go

This is yet another killer comp, showcasing the amazing talent we
have here on!!

Thanks to everyone who submitted!!

Release date Oct 29th!!

Oh and it's FREE!! So, Tell yer fiends...
Only Available here at!!
The coolest music site on the net...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Freebird Question

 A writer at recently asked me "What do you do at a show when someone screams for 'Freebird'?". Made a pretty entertaining article about it. Check it out here:

 I'll re-post it all here as well...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Christophe in "Oscar's" Commercial

 Christophe was in a commercial for Oscar's Lounge in the Moore Warren Theatre. The commercial started airing today. It is in theater only, so make your way to the Moore Warren Theatre. It is played before every movie shown. In the commercial look for Christophe at the bar.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christophe and The Pallbearers Return This October with Creepersin on Tour From L.A.!!!

 Christophe and The Pallbearers return this October for what looks to be just one show this year sharing the stage with Creepersin on tour from Los Angeles. A few songs have been added to the setlist, so make sure you don't miss this show. Tuesday October 18th at The Hidden Castle in Norman, OK.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Christophe Live Appearance on SWAN Songwriters Video Showcase

 Christophe appeared live on SWAN Songwriters Video Showcase episode #13 on Monday Sept. 26th. Performing a few songs and talking about them, and then hanging out with host Daddy Love while he performed a set of songs picked by Christophe.

Video streaming by Ustream

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Christophe and The Prairie Fire do an "Oklahoma Live" Commercial!

 Christophe and Eddie of The Prairie Fire along with SmacOne of SSKK shot a quick commercial for "Oklahoma Live" while on the show in the KSBI Studios. It aired on August 23rd during a live show called "All About You".

Monday, August 22, 2011

Christophe and The Prairie Fire on KSBI's "Oklahoma Live"

 Christophe and Eddie of The Prairie Fire along with SmacOne of SSKK appeared on KSBI's television show "Oklahoma Live" on August 22nd. Here's a couple clips.

Interview and "The Life Of An Outlaw"

"Dark Side"

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Christophe and the Prairie Fire in POP 7-29-11

 Christophe and the Prairie Fire were featured in the July 7th issue of POP with the Norman Transcript. View the article on their site HERE.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Christophe Featured in July's Moore Monthly!!!

 July's issue of Moore Monthly did a full page on Christophe for the Live Music Spotlight section. You can pick a copy up at most retailers around Moore, OK. Check out the website to find a location.

Monday, June 27, 2011

FREE Roky Erickson Tribute Album!!!

FREE Roky Erickson Tribute Album!!! I have three tracks. This is some old stuff of mine. Two tracks are listed as Mockingbird Lane, but I play every instrument. One track is my early solo stuff. Check it out here:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grippin Alot Oak: Oklahoma City Anthem

The 'Grippin Alot Oak: Oklahoma City Anthem' music video by Big Grump & L.Eazy is now out! Check out the smooth sexiness of Christophe in his very first rap video performance. Look for SmacOne too!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Moved Setlists to New Blog

I moved all of the setlists to a new blog so the news was easier to navigate through. You can see the new blog here: or you can reach it through the navigation tab.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

L.Eazy & Big Grump "Grippin ALot Oak" Official Trailer

  Last Friday and Saturday SmacOne and I spent some time on the video shoot for L.Eazy & Big Grump's "Grippin Alot Oak" music video. The final cut should be coming out soon, until then here's a trailer.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oklahoma Lefty: Album Review: Unpaid Fines

Dave Brown over at Oklahoma Lefty did a review of the Unpaid Fines album. Check it out! Oklahoma Lefty: Album Review: Unpaid Fines

Title: Unpaid Fines (Christophe’s Music Blog)
Artist: Christophe (Music Blog, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, ReverbNation)

Unpaid Fines is a limited collection of material recorded by Christophe Murdock with various projects over the years including demos and live tracks. As Christophe explained in our recent interview, the collection was put together to help payoff some traffic fines –
Between now and Feb. 15th I'm taking orders for an ultra limited edition compilation CD to help pay some fines off... so it's called "Unpaid Fines". I might extend the final date because of the weather. I know mail wasn't running for a few days there. This CD will be full length and include demos and rare tracks from various projects I'm in. You can get the info and view the current track listing here: I'm also thinking about adding a couple live tracks including a Too Live Crew cover and possibly a Social Parasite track.
Because much of this collection is demos and live tracks the production is pretty hit or miss, but overall it’s an enjoyable record. Even though the tracks range from rap covers to acoustic outlaw country to death rock/horror punk, one thing that is consistent is the dark content of the lyrics (Christophe’s love of the horror genre greatly comes through in his music). My personal favorite track is the Mockingbird Lane four-track demo “The Last Man on Earth” (not to be confused with The Staggers’ classic by the same name).

If you are a fan of Christophe’s music, then this CD is definitely something to track down (though it might be a little hard to get because it was available for a limited time).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Punk All Forms Review Of Fear The Dead

Beth from Punk All Forms did an awesome review of "Fear The Dead", make sure to check out her site and reviews!!!

christophe-fear the dead/if the sun don't shine 45 

 christophe almost always has an original sound mixing country,punk and a bit of goth here and there.these 2 songs definatley grasp more of his punk side and although the vocals sometimes sound off kilter he always seems to hit his notes well with his music."fear the dead"and"if the sun don't shine"definatley seem to be 2 of my favorite selections from him so far and the artwork on this 45 from front to back are stupendous from the monster in his cowboy hat in the graveyard on the front to the desert photography selection on the back with christophe in the middle of 4 junkyard cars trapped in the ground looking like they are all about to get hit by a huge black tornado.always all i can say is this whole thing for me was an 11! score big fan of christophe here!
check him out and all of these listings below and the artwork as well done by justin terrell and photography carolyn murdock
punk rock

Friday, March 11, 2011


 As I'm sure you all know, DAMAGED Hearing is my favorite radio program. The DJ, Louis Fowler, is a fellow Okie and a good friend. Make sure to stop by and check out his blog's. Here's the radio playlist from when I stopped by the KRFC studio in Fort Collins, while out on the road.


Rollins Band-“Liar”
Aerosmith-“Draw the Line”
Motorhead-“Enter Sandman”

"Dang dude, you are definitely kicking out the jams today!" - Casey

Ben Prytherch-“DAMAGED Hearing”
Shooter Jennings-“An Unreleased TV Theme Song”

Ah. That's better. Cool down time. Sadly, in a reference that I didn't think would be dated two weeks later, I use the phrases "WINNER" and "TROLLS". Oh, if I knew then what I knew now...

Luckily, I save face by interviewing one of my favorite singers, Oklahoma outlaw country musician Christophe Murdock, where we talk about being on the road, honesty in music and OKC's old 66 Bowl.

Christophe Murdock-"The Life Of An Outlaw (Live on DAMAGED Hearing)"
Christophe Murdock-"Misery Road (Live on DAMAGED Hearing)"

"Wish I'd have heard of Christophe before right now!" - Mike CadaverLab

Christophe Murdock-"Taken Under (Live on DAMAGED Hearing)"
Christophe Murdock-"Road Rash (Live on DAMAGED Hearing)"

A long, fun interview with a great singer. Check out his new album CROSSROADS here. Makes me wish I was back in OKC.

Christophe Murdock-“Red Dirt”
Imperial Rooster-“Pigfork Jamboree”
Leroy Powell and the Messengers-“Telluride”
Rachel Brooke-“Lonesome for You”

Northern Colorado's own champion against the New World Order, Richard LoCoco calls in to defend his friend Emilio Estevez--the real person who's hurting in this whole Sheen-fiasco. I'm also about to get info about his investigations about Building 8 at Ground Zero, his upcoming teen-comedy DOWN AND OUT IN BOHEMIAN GROVE, and President Soetoro's latest birth controversy, this one which places him in Seattle. INTRIGUE! 

Charley Pride-“The Bottom Line”
Charley Pride-“Kiss An Angel Good Morning”
U2 & Johnny Cash-“The Wanderer”

"You are killing it at Go West." - Max

Freddy Fender-“Vaya Con Dios”

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Darkfaery Subculture Magazine "The Wild, Wild West and the Punk Rock Sound"

Pick up the new issue of Darkfaery Subculture Magazine ($8.20 print $1 digital) and read my article "The Wild, Wild West and the Punk Rock Sound"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ten Questions Re-Posted on

Dave Brown's Ten Questions with Christophe Murdock has been re-posted on Check out the direct link here:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Road Home Mini-Tour Feb. 21st thru 26th

 Ill be hitting the road again in a week, heading back to Oklahoma. Hope to see everyone while I'm out. The dates are as follows.

Mon. Feb. 21st - Boise, ID
Tues. Feb. 22nd - Pocatello, ID
Wed. Feb. 23rd - Salt Lake City, UT
Thurs. Feb. 24th - Fort Collins, CO
Fri. Feb. 25th - Denver, CO
Sat. Feb. 26th - Colorado Springs, CO

 After I get home I'll hit up a couple Open Mics in Norman, so come out to see me!

Tues. March 1st - SWAN Song Writer Open Mic
Wed. March 2nd - Universe City Open Mic

Midnight Calling reviews "Bootleg This"

 Aiden over at Midnight Calling e-zine graced us with another fine review, this time of SmacOne's solo debut "Bootleg This". Check it out:

New episode of the Cinema Head Cheese podcast is up!

 The new episode of the Cinema Head Cheese podcast is up. This time they interview Kitten Natividad, and of course there is the rockin' theme song by Christophe & (4), so head on over to their neck of the woods and download it! Cinema Head Cheese Podcast #5

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Unpaid Fines" Compilation Is Finished!

The "Unpaid Fines" compilation is now up to stream. If you ordered a copy you will soon recieve a download code so you can enjoy it while you wait for the CD to come in the mail. Check it out!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Free Valentine's Mp3!!!

Happy V-Day!!! Today only for all you lovers and haters out there, "Pieces Of You" Mp3 is a FREE Download!!! I'll be yanking this at the end of Valentine's so grab it now!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rare CD Available for limited time only!!!

Rare CD available for limited time only!!!

So here's the deal. Basically, I was helping a friend out driving them to a doctor appt. in Portland and got a ticket. The base cost of the ticket is just shy of $200!!!  I don't have work here and no way to get the money til after I hit the road again, which is too late. So I'm selling a limited CD which will ONLY be available to those who purchase it between now and Tues. Feb. 15th. I will only make and number the amount sold.

So for $10, I will send you 2 CD's. A copy of "Crossroads" and the limited "Unpaid Fines". Just send me a message to with "LIMITED CD" in the subject header to get the info. on where to send the money. Checks, Money Orders, PayPal or well concealed cash (cash at your own risk).

The tracks on the CD are going to be as follows:

Two songs added to the track listing! Nomadic Bedlam's "This Intro Won't Stop" & "Timmy Has A Gun (Acoustic Demo)"

1. Nomadic Bedlam - This Intro Won't Stop
Gutter-punk Rap! That's all you need to know...
2. Christophe - Dark Side (Acoustic Demo)
The original version of the classic song that was re-mixed on SmacOne's "Bootleg This"
3. Mockingbird Lane - The Last Man On Earth (Cassette 4-Track Demo)
Early electric version of the song heard on "Ten Necromantic Classics"
4. Christophe - Pieces Of You (Potbelly Cover)
Cover song written by friends from Washington. This version includes Matt Jim & Ryan Engleman
5. Mockingbird Lane - Too Late (Cassette 4-Track Demo)
This is the version heard on "Radio Free Satan's 666-6 6th  Birthday CD Spectacular"
6. Mockingbird Lane - Broken Promises & Broken Hearts (Acoustic Demo) 
Original demo of the Christophe classic
7. The SouthSide KrazyKids - Lonely People
Amazing hip-hop song sampling The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby"
8. Mockingbird Lane - Israel (Cassette 4-Track Demo) 
Intense rare demo 
 9. Nomadic Bedlam - Timmy Has A Gun (Acoustic Demo)
Rockin' acoustic punk!
10. Fallen Angles - Taken Under
Cool band that covered Mockingbird Lane's "Taken Under"
11. Christophe & (4) of God In A Machine - Cinema Head Cheese Theme
Theme song we wrote for a web series
12. Xtoph - What Timmy Said...
Early electronica from Christophe to melt your brain with

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coming Soon - H-P Presents: They Came From The Grave

Coming soon from They Came from the Grave Vol.1 Featuring videos and trailers from the members of with videos from: Mongrel-Others-Dragnun-Under a Nightmare-The Murdersquad t.o.-Dead United-Chef Brandon Perry-Spawn Atomic-Dr. Spookenstein-ZOMBIE!-The Spectremen-Ghost of Penely Chase-Werevilsdare-The Cloister Fuck-Fear Incorporated-Christophe-Pussing Eye Productions-Derek Young (Family Property)-The Quintessentials-Creep Creepersin (Creepersin, Creepersin Films)-The Monistats-Nightmare Alley-Six Gun Salvation-Lurking Corpses-Lugosi's Morphine-Batsupsidedown-Von Bones. Background Music "Bride of Frankenrock" by Batsupsidedown