Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Oklahoma Music Guide book released

OKLAHOMA MUSIC GUIDE: BIOGRAPHIES, BIG HITS, & ANNUAL EVENTS (Nov. 2003)- Written By George O. Carney & Hugh W. Foley, Jr. This book was released by New Forums Press Inc. It features: An in-depth essay on music from Oklahoma; 200 biographical entries of significant musicians, groups, tribes, and musical movements from Oklahoma; A list of 350 #1 songs written or performed by musicians with Oklahoma ties; A list of more than 500 place based songs that mention Oklahoma in the title or lyrics; A list of more than 200 annual musical events in Oklahoma; A master list of more than 2000 musicians, groups, or tribes being considered for the 2007 centennial edition of the Oklahoma Music Guide; & Several, never-before-published photographs and images. Mockingbird Lane was mentioned in the master list being considered for the 2007 edition. Check out the website here: http://www.oklahomamusicguide.com/