Monday, August 1, 2005

Review from Gothic Beaty Magazine

This is the review from Gothic Beauty Magazine Issue 17 Summer 2005 by Sonya Brown.

The Harder, The Better: V8
Turkey Vulture

Ouch. If the cover doesn't make you squirm, then what about a little Martyrdom, Apathy, Irritant, Detox, Lugosi's Morphine, and D.R.I.? Turkey Vulture Records didn't make the The Harder, The Better Series to give you the warm fuzzies. Volume Eight brings us 27 of the most extreme heavy hitters ready to assault your eardrums. Mega thanks go out to Mockingbird Lane for sending me the disc, who have a very cool track entitled "Dead Girls Don't Say No (Live)" featured. Brutal music to be enjoyed at maximum volume... just don't say I didn't warn you. Availiable from (Sonya)