Sunday, March 13, 2011

Punk All Forms Review Of Fear The Dead

Beth from Punk All Forms did an awesome review of "Fear The Dead", make sure to check out her site and reviews!!!

christophe-fear the dead/if the sun don't shine 45 

 christophe almost always has an original sound mixing country,punk and a bit of goth here and there.these 2 songs definatley grasp more of his punk side and although the vocals sometimes sound off kilter he always seems to hit his notes well with his music."fear the dead"and"if the sun don't shine"definatley seem to be 2 of my favorite selections from him so far and the artwork on this 45 from front to back are stupendous from the monster in his cowboy hat in the graveyard on the front to the desert photography selection on the back with christophe in the middle of 4 junkyard cars trapped in the ground looking like they are all about to get hit by a huge black tornado.always all i can say is this whole thing for me was an 11! score big fan of christophe here!
check him out and all of these listings below and the artwork as well done by justin terrell and photography carolyn murdock
punk rock

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