Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 20th Tornado in Moore, OK

 On Monday afternoon tragedy struck Moore, Oklahoma. Moore was my home for years. I lived there, worked there, played music there. Many of my friends live and work there. I still haven't heard from everyone... There are a lot of fundraisers and relief programs happening all over Oklahoma. I urge all of you to help out in any way that you are able. This weekend I will be in Texas with The Hidden Cape Foundation playing music and raising funds. If you happen to be in Texas please come see us. Below is the statement from The Hidden Cape.

In the wake of such an awful tragedy, we want to send all of our thoughts and support to our friends, family members, and loved ones. We live, work, and play in Moore, OK and we are focused on supporting our community. We will be attending our largest event ever this weekend in Houston, TX and we will be supporting Moore with our proceeds. We want to help as many families in Moore as we can, so if you know a family that needs help let us know via facebook. The more support we get, the more families we can help. If you will be in Texas head to Comicpalooza in Houston to show your support If you will not be in the Texas area but you would like to support Moore families email us and we will help you make a donation.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Skid: Fly The Frenzied Skies Movie

 I did some more extra work on a movie called 'Skid: Fly The Frenzied Skies', due out I believe they said in the fall. I was an "airline passenger" for the day. This marks my first film where I'm not dressed as myself. So, when it comes out be sure to look for me. Here is the website: