Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Video/Single Release from The MILF City Soundtrack

 Today The MILF City Soundtrack released it's latest video and single, "White People". Be warned, this song has harsh language and the video does contain graphic images. Some have complained about it being "offensive", and they are right. It is offensive. All the news footage we used, everything that inspired the writing of this song... it is all very offensive. So here's to you, in good health. Enjoy.

Stream or Download the MP3 here:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nadir's Zenith #4 Kickstarter

 Nadir's Zenith Kickstarter!

 Christophe is a huge fan of the 'Nadir's Zenith' comic book, as is well known, so when it comes time to help them out we do what we can. The creators just started a new Kickstarter Campaign to help get issue #4 out. So, stop by and check it out. If you see something you like, donate a little. Indie publishing is a hard expensive business, so you can be sure it will be appreciated.

 A message from the author, Jackson Compton: "Jerry Bennett and myself are gearing up to produce Nadir's Zenith - Comic Book #4! Be a part of the creative process and help fund our next installment. Exclusive Kickstarter cover version and lots of cool reward. Please check it out and pass along to anyone interested. Thank you! (:" 

 Nadir's Zenith on Facebook!