Friday, November 11, 2016

'Son Of The Saw' Facebook Page

We've started a Facebook page for our new film 'Son of the Saw'. Check it out here:

This is the official page for the film "Son of the Saw" , a story about the offspring of america's favorite chainsaw wielding maniac!

The film is NOT about the classic horror icon, but instead about his progeny, the generations that followed, and the "truth" behind the inspirations for the 1974 film. 

A small time film crew for the show "Legend hunters" find them selves at the end of the road for their show, and must make this episode the most over the top one yet to be saved from cancellation. However this episode just happens to be about the legend of the film that changed the face of horror cinema forever. As they have closed in on the last remaining know family to live within distance of the "actual" family the movie was based off of. What they find in this place is that the saw isn't family, the saw is god.