Saturday, August 18, 2018

'Christophe: Ballad For The Lost' Free Music Download

 Free download of "Ballad For The Lost" as recorded for the short film by Star Swamp, LLC.

Check out the Facebook page for the film here:

Monday, August 13, 2018

Watch 'The Harvesters' On VIDI.Live


The Harvesters
VIDI Space Watch Party
VIDI.Live | 8pm ET | Saturday, August 18
Encore Presentation at Midnight!!
Included in your VIDI Space Monthly Membership!

“Jane wants to change the world with old-fashioned, hard-hitting journalism, but instead she's covering the Founder's Day Bake Sale for her hometown newspaper, The Bailyville Times.
She has a way out: a plane ticket to New York City.
But on the morning of Halloween, a young couple goes missing, and Jane sets off on an investigation that will draw her closer to her hometown -- and its secrets -- than she could have ever imagined.”

Join us Saturday, August 18 as we follow Jane on her hair-raising adventure. Log into VIDI.Live to watch at 8pm ET. There is also a special Midnight screening for those brave enough to watch after dark. Participate in the live chat. You just never know who might show up.

More information at: VIDI.Space

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Unhuman Official Poster

Here is the official poster for 'Unhuman' Starring Da'Neille Bishop Roy, Sara Moore, Kelsey Hood, Christophe Murdock and Charles W Day. Directed by Mike Ransburg for Team Star Swamp, LLC's Sci-Fi film in the 
2018 Oklahoma City 48 Hour Film Project. We have submitted the poster to the OKC 48 HR Team for the contest. This is a smaller version for social media. You may send your request to receive the printable size version by email to, and you will be sent the link to download it. The film will be released to our YouTube channel once it is finished. Feel free to subscribe to our channel to receive updates on that release, as well here on the Star Swamp, LLC main Facebook page for announcements regarding the film. We will also submit this film to The Clean Shorts Film festival this year. Thank you every one who supported the 48 this year, and to our amazing Cast/Crew for your commitment and involvement in our teams production.