Friday, December 31, 2010

Review from Punk All Forms

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from the darkside of country music comes christophe and his 4 song cd"crossroads",christophe kicks up dust in his song"red dirt" and does it with pure shitkicking vocals(although a bit off key at times)and music.and then he's in a not so happy go lucky relationship on the song"you're gonna drive me to drink'in',"misery road"has a great guitar selection and the song"the life of an outlaw"is by far the best song out of the 4.i myself am not a big fan of country except maybe some johnny cash and oh and now of course some want a new spin on your country listening then crack open a brew and listen to this hardcore okie boy.definatley a 7!best songs"red dirt"and"the life of an outlaw"
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