Saturday, October 11, 2003

Review from Okahoma Punk Scene Dot Com Issue #5

From the "Reviews" section of Oklahoma Punk Scene Dot Com Issue 5 at:

Mockingbird Lane – 2003 Demo

 Mockingbird Lane is an Oklahoma based goth punk / horror rock band and this is a five song demo CD.  Unfortunately I am at work and do not have the CD in front of me, otherwise I would be a bit more specific about the songs.  There is a cover of the Misfits' "She" and of the originals the song that I liked the best is "I … Vampire."  The best way I can describe Mockingbird Lane's sound is to imagine if Peter Murphy had become the lead singer for the Misfits when the band reunited in 1997.  This is a good demo from a band that has a lot of potential.  (Dave Brown)

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