Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Silver Bullet

Here are some better pics of the Silver Bullet. Thanks to Action Sign and Design in Norman, OK for all the hard work!


  1. Silver shots likewise go about as a calling card for The Lone Ranger in his undertakings. The veiled man chose to utilize projectiles fashioned from the valuable metal as an image of equity, lawfulness, and to remind himself as well as other people that life, similar to silver, has esteem and is not to be squandered or discarded. In the third scene, his companion, will's identity making his shots for him, notice executing terrible folks with the slugs and the Lone Ranger clarifies that he won't shoot to slaughter; he will give the law a chance to apportion equity. The silver projectiles will be as images of equity. Whether he really utilized silver projectiles as a part of his weapons changes relying upon story and medium. In the radio arrangement, the Lone Ranger utilized just lead projectiles as weapons, while the silver slugs were utilized typically. In the 1981 component film, The Lone Ranger utilized silver projectiles as a part of his firearms as he was informed that silver was significantly more strong than lead slugs and gave a straighter shot.

    1. I was a big fan of Lone Ranger as a child, but the inspiration for the design on the van actually comes from the 80's Stephen King film 'Silver Bullet' with Corey Haim and Gary Busey. Corey Haim's character was in a wheelchair and his Uncle (Gary Busey) made him a new wheelchair out of a motorcycle that was christened the "Silver Bullet" and adorned with red flames and lettering.