Thursday, August 27, 2015

Aug/Sept Update

 It's time for another update. Shows have been posted for September. Hope to see you all out at one of them. I am still waiting on confirmation date and time for this years Ragsdale Hootenanny. Trust me when I say all artists are looking forward to this after losing the venue last year. this year I know all of us Pott County boys will be there and Pee Wee Moore, as well as many others.

 Isaiah left music entirely this past week. So I am looking for a drummer to fill in dates for September and possibly one to become a permanent fixture of The Prairie Fire. Please contact me if interested.

 I also cut my finger pretty bad and at this time cannot play guitar. It should be healed and stitched out by the 1st of September though. Doctors told me not to worry about missing shows.

 That's about all for now. Still not a fan of Internets, so look for sporadic updates. To tell the truth I really miss the days of cut and paste newsletters and postcards sent through the mail. Unfortunately, that's no longer the way the world works.

 Until next time
 - Christophe

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