Friday, August 2, 2013

R.I.P. Joe D.

 Joe Degraffenreid, my long time collaborator and longer time friend, passed away this week. He was the lead guitarist for many projects I've done over the years and the frontman for Social Parasite. This comes as a shock. When it comes to a time like this I don't even know what to say. I never saw it coming. Some people you feel will live forever. Joe was one of those people.

 Joe was an amazing talent. I first met him on the scene probably more than 15 years ago now. I would write for his zine Metal Hell. (The fanzine that morphed from the Kiss Hell International Fan Club) Way before Mockingbird Lane existed I had tried out for Social Parasite on bass. It was too intense. I thought, "This guy is too good, I'll never learn this stuff.". I never thought I'd be playing alongside him in that band a decade later even throwing in some tunes of my own. This guy has backed me up so many times and really pulled me through and helped me stick out. We did my solo thing, The Prairie Fire, some punk bands, Social Parasite even the Hip-Hop with The SouthSide KrazyKidz. 

 Joe, there is nothing I could ever put into words that would do justice to you or how I feel. You will be missed. Rest in peace brother. Until we meet again to jam out once more...

 Joe has been a long time force in The Oklahoma Music Scene. Below is just a sample of the things he's done.

 KISS Hell (Want a taste? Check out The Ultimate KISS Fanzine Phenomenon 1976-2009 by Phoenix Books, 3 pages of by Joe and covers plastered throughout)
 Metal Hell

 Joe D. 
 Serpent Assassin
 Christophe & Friends


  1. Thank u for posting this . His was amazing , 1 of the best I know . I can't believe he is gone but he will never be forgotten .rip joe d. Much love :}

  2. I played with Joe in Midnight Maniacs. Go to
    I played bass. Joe and I played together in a few bands. Your right an amazing guitar player and an amazing friend. He shared a lot of personal things with me and I with him. It was and still is a shock to me and my wife and friends as well as ex band mates who didn't know of his passing. If you wanna belive this you can, but my current band was doing some recording and on the recording, well it's hard to belive but their was "notes" on the lead solo that wasn't played by my guitar player and wasn't even my guitar players style of playing it sounded just like something Joe would have played. I will cherish the time I had knowing this amazing talented friend. my name is adam

    1. Adam, I believe it. He's been roaming around a lot of us and pushing us to play. Brad (original Social Parasite drummer) and I could feel his presence the other night.