Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interview from Dave Brown

 New interview with Christophe from Dave Brown posted on his blog Oklahoma Lefty. Check it out here:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 questions with Christophe Murdock

Christophe Murdock has been playing in the Oklahoma City music scene for over ten years, playing everything from death rock to outlaw country. Currently he is playing outlaw country solo. I interviewed Christophe for while he was playing in the band Mockingbird Lane. You can read that interview here. This interview was conducted via Facebook in February 2011.

For more information on Christophe check him out on his Music Blog, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and ReverbNation.

Dave: How did you first become involved with making music?

Christophe: Well, as far back as I can remember my family had me musically involved. My sister took piano lessons and my Mom started me out with them as well. I played violin for a while too. My cousin was a sucessful musician and I was just always around it. I can't remember a life before music. I also remember when I was real little I wanted to be a singer for a rock band. My sister would make tapes of me screaming my lungs out. I was 6 and thought I was so punk rock.

Dave: How would you describe your music to those who have never heard your stuff before?

Christophe: I guess the majority of what I do I would say is similar to the seventies outlaw country infused with a little bit of the eighties hardcore punk edge.

Dave: You used to play in a death rock band called Mockingbird Lane. How did you transition from playing that kind of music to what you play now?

Christophe: I actually played what I play now before I did Mockingbird Lane. I was never really comfortable playing without a band though so my shows were few and far between. I still have a demo I never released that Sam Pena from Sounder had recorded for me before the Mockingird days that includes "Misery Road" which is also on my latest ep. During the time of M.L. I was still writing all kinds of music. The folk, country, electronica and just whatever came to mind.

After M.L. I had stopped doing music for a while. I would still write occasionally, but that was about it. When I started playing regularly and wanting to do shows again I didn't want to deal with a band. Too many years of incompetant people that couldn't play the music or wouldn't show up. Too much money spent. During the M.L. it was all on my dime, every instrument, every amp. It was just a bunch of b.s. I didn't want to deal with anymore. So I tried to concentrate more on my stuff that would work acoustically.

Dave: Who are your favorite bands/artists to play with? What are your favorite cities and/or venues to play?

Christophe: Well, since I've been back I guess my favorites to play with have been the ones I've always loved to see live anyway. Bands like Billy Joe Winghead and Bloody 'Ol Mule. Also, I did a show with some of my hometown kids once, The Jimmy Hats. That was a lot of fun. The club was serving my whiskey by the cup and I was up there with them running through some old punk classics.

As far as cities and venues. I had a blast the last time I was in Colorado Springs. I played a bar called Copperhead Road that was a total party and in a nearby town I played a bar called the Ancient Mariner. That was a real nice intimate time. Locally the Castle is cool. Great stage set-up and sound.

Dave: Being someone who has been involved with the music scene in Oklahoma for quite a while, what do you think is the current state of the local music scene?

Christophe: Does anyone have an adrenaline shot? Seems too many places are closed down. I've been to too many shows where there's no-one out. Seems everyone wants to go to a dance club vs. seeing a live act.

Dave: Howe many releases do you have out? How would someone get a hold of your music/releases (do you have anything available in some of the local record stores like Guestroom and Size)?

Christophe: As Christophe... currently five releases I think... 'The Life Of An Outlaw: 1-17-08 Demos' had only 100 pressed and is sold out. 'Covers' was just a burn I did around the same time. 'Ten Necromantic Classics', my split with Thomas Gun, can still be found on Reverb Nation. ( The two I'm currently pushing are 'Fear The Dead' limited to 300 on mixed colored vinyl, and the 'Crossroads' ep on CD. Both of those are at the Norman Guestroom. Oh, and also SmacOne's album 'Bootleg This' has a re-mix of one of my songs on it.

Between now and Feb. 15th I'm taking orders for an ultra limited edition compilation CD to help pay some fines off... so it's called "Unpaid Fines". I might extend the final date because of the weather. I know mail wasn't running for a few days there. This CD will be full length and include demos and rare tracks from various projects I'm in. You can get the info and view the current track listing here: I'm also thinking about adding a couple live tracks including a Too Live Crew cover and possibly a Social Parasite track.

Dave: If you could collaborate with any musician, alive or dead, who would you want to work with?

Christophe: Honestly, I'd have to say my cousin.

Dave: This is a High Fidelity inspired question. What are your top 5 favorite bands/artists, albums, movies, television shows, books/authors?

Christophe: I don't feel like making a list. So I'll give you my top one of each.
Artist: Roky Erickson
Album: Cancerslug's 'Alabama Bloodbath' for sentimental reasons.
Movie: Martin by George Romero
Television Show: Night Gallery
Book: A Clockwork Orange, with the final chapter.

Dave: What’s next for you?

Christophe: Coming back home. I've got six days on the road starting Feb. 21st. Then I'll be back in Okla for a while.

Dave: Any final thoughts?

Christophe: Find me on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, ReverbNation and virtually anything else with the extension /HardcoreOkieBoy

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