Saturday, January 24, 2004

Review from Black Angel Promotions


 Mockingbird Lane are a death/horror rock band based out of Oklahoma … and I'll be reviewing their five tracks "2003 Demo". Two versions of the love lost song "Taken Under", the "single mix" and an "acoustic mix". I guess it's good in that it shows another side of the band, but the acoustic mix didn't do much for me, I prefer the single version. They do a cover of The Misfits "She"… one thing about covers is that I like to hear a band do something different with the original and make it their own rather than just a carbon copy, which is the case with Mockingbird Lane's version. The last two songs are what make the demo sustainable, "I … Vampire" and "Wolfshead" are great songs.Not bad at all for a fairly new band. I look forward to hearing this band grow in the coming years and progress. The 2003 Demo is available on their site. (Bobby)

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