Sunday, June 1, 2003

Article in POP Magazine

Below is a copy of the article appearing in POP from May 30th 2003. There were quite a few things taken out of context or misquoted in the interview.

If you read this article make sure to read the follow-up:


By Doug Hill

The Well is a non-denominational Christian house of worship at 219 W. Main St. It's an uncommonly clean and well-decorated brick room that's long and narrow. Friendly Jay and Jessica said they enjoy volunteering there. The Well introduces new people to the flock by frequently hosting a wide variety of music in their attractive sanctuary.

On May 9, they charitably brought a concert by two bands who could have been featured in Metal Hell magazine. Mockingbird Lane's Christophe (vocals/guitar) sat in church and confessed his guilty musical pleasure. "Pink, But the reason she's so good is because the chick from Four Non Blondes is the one who wrote all the music. But I'm proud, not guilty about them," he said.

Christophe admitted to other sins. "I've actually booked shows when I didn't have a band together yet," he said. "Many of my songs were written when I had to have some for a show. Like 'From Hell' that we're playing tonight."

Christophe predicted the future. "In 100 years, there will still be punk rock. That's for f------ sure. There will always be a pissed-off kid in a garage somewhere."

Worst concert: "When all Lynyrd Skynyrd's brother's opened for Hank (Williams) Jr. They did 'Free Bird' for at least an hour. I thought it would never end."

Christophe cited Billy Joe Winghead and John Thomas as best of the local scene. But he also populated a personal wall of shame. "I don't like the Chainsaw Kittens. I saw them, and they were just bad."

Not known for good taste or gentility, Christophe's misogynist songs are at best crude satire. His description of their content was too rude and gratuitously violent to quote. The songs include stalking with criminal intent and other distasteful themes targeting women.

Music that Christophe and his mother can dig together: "Hank (Williams) Jr., Waylon (Jennings), Willie (Nelson), Johnny (Cash), Kris Kristofferson, and Roger Miller."

"I'm an Okie. Hillbilly is in my blood," he explained.

Christophe revealed the genre with the worst snobs. "Straight-up goths. They're all f------ pretentious and poseurs. I'm Death Rock. So, I can talk smack about them all I want."

Christophe commented on religious music. "I'm into Christian Death Metal like Mortification and the Deadlines. I do not like these little, crappy Christian bands that they have in every church. They're all like, 'Hey, you should check us out.' But all the Christian jam bands sound alike," he judged.


Nick (bass) and Riley (drums) ganged up with Christophe for a fuzzy, mega volume assault. Aural felony by guitar band, ML should be named Thunderbird Row. The vocals were drowned, which may have been just as well.

Christophe's guitar rumbled like the storm clouds outside. Last chord, he dropped his ax and bolted from the room. Ever the drama queen, Christophe fell to the sidewalk and doused himself with bottled water until out.


Based in Norman, Social Parasite are Joe Degraffenried (vocals/guitar), Micah (drums) and Tyson (vocals/bass). "We are a true metal band who blend stoner metal with trash metal," Joe D. said.

Reading their "... sarcastic, twisted sense of humor..." is key.

"Some people might think 'Beat My Bitch' is brutal, but it's about a drug habit," he explained.

Joe D. is articulate. He's the editor of Metal Hell magazine (503 Willis, Noble, OK 73068, annual subscription $20). The update column is titled "Sick Sick Six!!" The articles are well-written and witty.

SP's credo is simple. "Take chances. Do not care. Don't do anything trendy. Don't do rap metal and don't back down from a crowd," he said.

Worst concerts attended: "U2 at Lloyd Noble Center in 1983. The Alarm opened up," (Joe D.), and "Moody Blues at the Civic Center in the late 80's when my mom made me go," (Micah).

SP's concert was ominous and threatening as only death metal and certain opera can be.

Random Lyric: "God hates you/and so do I ... ." Degraffenreid's vocals were spat out like acrid flaming pellets of damnation.

Tyson had replicas of shrunken headds adorning his mic stand. Social Parasite roared like a wood chipper happily munching cute little bunnies.

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